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Large Loss Subrogation

Self insured businesses and Insurance companies do not ordinarily think of themselves as plaintiffs. Subrogation rights are created by contract, statute, common law and equity. No matter the origin, the right of subrogation and the ability to recover a loss is a fundamental right. A successful liability, loss or workers' compensation subrogation program can mean the difference between profit and loss.

Reid & Dennis subrogation attorneys are here to assist you in evaluating and prosecuting subrogation claims against responsible third parties whose conduct caused or contributed to your financial loss. We represent clients that have one goal: recover our money, don’t spend it.

Reid & Dennis provides a thorough, detailed and cost effective approach in prosecuting large loss subrogation claims. The key to a successful recovery is the implementation of a qualified rapid response team. Reid & Dennis attorneys have the experience, contacts and technology to successfully orchestrate an early investigation to determine what happened. We provide our clients with the information they need to make a quality business decision in deciding whether to pursue a subrogation claim or close the file. If the decision is made to pursue a claim, Reid & Dennis attorneys have the experience and resources to properly prepare and try the case. Reid & Dennis takes pride in the trial experience of its attorneys and the firm’s reputation for being a law firm that likes to try lawsuits.